Bad Actress

June 5, 2017

Film Synopsis: 

The blockbuster comedy “Bad Actress” stars Colombian film sensation Excelina as Valentina. In the film, her wicked character decides to become the anti “Sofia Vergara,” where nothing is as it seems. This comedy film is filled with surprises and twists that completes this ‘feel good’ movie. The film also stars Michael Gibb, son of singer songwriter Barry Gibb, of the iconic musical group the BG’s. Michael Gibb makes his acting debut in “Bad Actress.” This comedy motion picture is a must see!



Cast & Crew:

Excelina Ordonez as Valentina

Lillie McCloud as Herself

Mitchell Schultz as Mr. Hojangles

Gordon Scott Venters as Dick Strong

Sade Serena as Herself

Jimmy Paredez as Creepy

Jean Pierre Da Silva as Jean Pierre

Running Time:

80 minutes


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