A Broken Life

May 18, 2017

Film Synopsis:

Max, the main character in the film, decides he is going to commit suicide. He believes there is no other way out but to kill himself. He recruits his only friend, Bud, who is a an aspiring filmmaker, to film his last day on earth. Determined to proceed with his decision on ending his life, he goes to confront his boss and his ex-wife. He is raging from all the circumstances that has been occurring on his life, which led him to make the irrational decision. His last day on earth turns unexpected when the kindness of a young woman in a wheelchair leads him to think twice on what he is about to do. Moments before ending his life, Max finds hope. But is hope now too late to fix what is already broken in his life?


Cast & Crew:

Running Time:

110 minutes

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